Welcome to the 2016 Greater New York Invitational Photo Site
Hosted by the US Gymnastics Development Center         December 2-4, 2016          Rockland Community College, Suffern, NY
Note on Sales Tax:  New York State sales tax of 8.375% is applicable in Rockland County.
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Flat fee for all photos: $60
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Thank you, everybody!
Covering your meet was a great privilege.

Today and tomorrow (that is, Monday & Tuesday), I will work very hard to post all photos in a complete, organized way.  I tried to upload Saturday's photos overnight on Saturday, but they still need work.  The last session on Saturday is incomplete; I tried to upload those from the venue on Sunday morning, but the connection was not adequate for uploading.  Also, even the first three sessions on Saturday need more work.  The photos from each session are supposed to be in exactly the same order in which the gymnasts competed, but I received feedback from a couple of coaches and parents that that is not always the case.  I will research those sessions and fix them.  Also, I will re-organze the photos in some cases to make them easier to search, by breaking out some clubs with lots of gymnasts.  That will give everybody fewer photos to scroll through.

Note about Lightbox:  Yes -  I am getting notifications that you are sharing Lightboxes with me!  Thank you!  Please do not panic if it looks like nothing is happening; I got your Lightboxes.  The next step is that I have to go into your Lightbox and change two settings; remove the watermark and set them so you can download.  After I do that you will get an email notification from me with a link to your updated album.  Unfortunately I have not yet gotten to the Lightboxes that you have shared with me, but this is a very easy step for me and I will make it a priority today (Monday).

Payments:  The in-meet flat fee price of $60 for all photos will remain in effect for at least a week so everybody gets the chance to view photos in a better-organized fashion.

Please bare with me as I finalize the presentation of your photos.  We have tens of thousands of great shots, and I can't wait for you to see them!

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